Have you ever thought about learning more about coffee or owning a coffee shop but aren't sure where to start? Trade schools may have the answer. Many trade schools offer special courses on a wide range of topics, including coffee and small business ownership. These courses can give students a great opportunity to learn all there is to know about the world of coffee. Here's a closer look at some coffee courses.

Coffee Roasting Courses 

In this course, students will learn all the basics of coffee roasting. They will be taught to assess green beans for quality and roast them correctly at different temperatures based on their desired flavor profile. Students will also learn techniques for cupping coffees and how to properly store roasted beans for optimal flavor. This course is ideal for those interested in starting their own business roasting and selling coffee or simply wanting to understand more about roasting a delicious cup of joe.

Flavor Profiles Coffee Classes

This course focuses on learning how to identify different flavors in coffee. Students will become experts at tasting various coffees and understanding their unique characteristics and nuances. They will also gain an understanding of brewing methods that affect flavor, from French press to percolating, and how different origins impact the taste of a cup of coffee.

Entrepreneurship Courses

For students looking to buy a franchise or open an independent coffee shop, this course teaches everything they need to know about running their own successful business in the world of coffee. Students will be given instruction on everything from budgeting, marketing strategies, legal considerations, customer service principles, product development, and pricing strategies. This coffee course is great for anyone who wants a career working in their own cafe or specialty coffee shop one day!

Barista Skills Coffee Courses

A list of coffee courses would not be complete without a coffee class offering hands-on training on all the fundamentals required for becoming an expert barista, from grinding beans and understanding espresso machines to creating latte art designs flawlessly. Students will also learn advanced skills such as cold brew preparation and pour-over techniques. Coffee courses like this are a great place to start for anyone looking to become a professional barista.

If you're interested in taking your love for coffee beyond just drinking it, enrolling in one or more coffee courses at your local trade school might be your best bet. With so many tasty opportunities, learning about coffee has never been easier.