Soon, the cold winter months will be here, which is a good time to consider improvements and upgrades for your AC. There are different options to upgrade your AC or do improvements that help reduce energy loss and wear. Here are some of the energy-efficient improvements that you will want to consider for your home's AC system this winter:

1. Improving Ductwork and Stopping Air Leaks and Energy Loss

The ductwork of your AC system could be the source of air leaks and energy loss. Over the years, damage to ducts can cause a lot of energy loss and poor air conditioner performance. Make sure that you do an annual inspection of ducts and repair any leaks. In addition, if you have old ducts with poor insulation, you may want to consider updating them to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

2. Energy-Efficient HVAC Heat Pump to Replace Conventional AC Units

Today, there are many options for replacing the AC unit of your air conditioner for more efficient designs. Heat pump AC units are more efficient and can provide you with an efficient replacement for your AC that can also be used for heating your home during mild winter weather. If it is time to have an old and inefficient AC unit replaced, talk with the HVAC contractor about heat pump AC systems.

3. Replacing Forced Air Systems with Modern Ductless AC Solutions

Another option you may want to consider for replacing an old AC system is modern ductless air conditioning. This is a good option if the replacement of ductwork and an outdated unit is going to be too much for your budget. Modern ductless systems can provide you with an affordable AC replacement solution and include options for modern zoned air conditioning designs with the use of mini-split systems.

4. Upgrading Your HVAC With Geothermal or Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy may be another improvement that you want to consider when replacing an old HVAC system. Geothermal systems give you a solution for renewable energy for both heating and cooling your home. In addition to geothermal systems, there are also options for thermal and solar collectors that can be used to provide your home with a heating solution.

These are some improvements and upgrades to make your AC more energy-efficient over the winter months. If you are getting ready for a career in HVAC maintenance, contact an HVAC maintenance training service to get more training on routine service needs of heating and air conditioning.